Thursday, February 3, 2011

Turn Off Warning Message On Unsupported Browsers in SharePoint 2010

Browser support in SharePoint 2010 has been greatly improved over SharePoint 2007, check out Technet’s Browser Support Matrix for SharePoint 2010. However Internet Explorer 6 (IE6) and other commonly used browsers are not browsers SharePoint 2010 supports from a content-authoring perspective. When you open a SharePoint page using IE6 browser, the following simple message will be displayed in the message box:

“Your Web browser will have problems displaying this web page. Changes to the sites may not function properly. For a better experience please update your browser to its latest version.”


Let say you are able to create a specific master page that works for anonymous IE6 users but how to turn off the warning message for all users with legacy unsupported browsers like IE6?

It’s simple! Find the following line at the bottom of the out-of-the-box master pages:

<SharePoint:WarnOnUnsupportedBrowsers runat=”server”/>

If you want to turn off the warning message for all users, you can simply remove it from master pages.

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