Friday, May 27, 2011

My Last Day @ CustomWare

Today is my last day at one of the greatest company that I’ve worked with – CustomWare. I truly am humbled to have worked with such a group of “get in and get it happening people” and I am so proud of the achievements that the company have accomplished. I’ve learned a great deal here both in technology & core values, and will definitely miss all of you.

What next for me?

  1. Continue with my house renovation (has been delayed for few months!)
  2. Finish up Thesis for Master in IT and hopefully set up VIVA with university panel by July, 2011 (unbelievable!, this has been delayed for more 3 years!)
  3. Sit for MCTs exams
  4. Help out my wife’s company to expand training business
  5. Be “househusband” for at least 3 months and the best part is: I can now teach SharePoint to my kids Smile.


Mohd Sukri