Sunday, December 26, 2010

Default SharePoint 2010 Application Pools

When you configure SharePoint using the post-installation Farm Configuration Wizard, you will notice that the system comes preconfigured with five separate application pools. These application pools that are configured by the wizard, as well as the security context under which each pool runs is shown in table below:

Application Pool



SharePoint Central Administration v4

SharePoint Central Administration v4

Farm Administrator Account

SharePoint Web Services System

SharePoint Topology Service Application

Farm Administrator Account


SharePoint Security Token Service Application

Farm Administrator Account

SharePoint Web Services Root

SharePoint Service Applications

Service Account
SharePoint – 80

Default preconfigured Content Application

Service Account

Monday, December 13, 2010

Ghosting/Unghosting Or Uncustomized/Customized Or Attached/Detached

With each new version of SharePoint comes another set of terms for this phenomenon. SharePoint 2003 brought us ghosting/unghosting; SharePoint 2007 scrapped these terms in favor of the more descriptive uncustomized/customized. Now with SharePoint 2010, the terms
attached and detached are used to prevent any ambiguity. In most SharePoint documentation, the terms ghosted/unghosted are still in use.

SharePoint 2003 Ghosting/Unghosting
SharePoint 2007 Uncustomized/Customized
SharePoint 2010 Attached/Detached